New Direction Church Int'l of Southfield, Michigan
 New Direction Church International of Southfield

 Bishop Willie L. Anderson 
   (248) 376-7991
 (248) 757-4503
We are a church of love, and giving.  We are reaching out to those who want to serve God through Committment, Dedication to God, with a servant spirit and a desire to learn what the word of God means. 

We stand ready to teach, preach and standup for truth.  John 17:17 that you maybe sanctifed by His truth. 

Pastor Anderson Loves people and will look for that one sheep of that may be lost, leaving the 99 to search for 1. 

Evangelist Anderson loves teaching you the word of God. ( the Bible is her instruction manual).
If you desire to learn she will teach you.  
If you hunger and thirst for the Word of God.
"Zeal without knowledge is dangerous!"

If you live right Heaven belongs to you!
We are living in a time when we know not the hour of Jesus' return.   ARE YOU RAPTURE READY?
       Matthew 24:15-31      Revelation 21:6-8

Have you been born Again? 
Jesus Said "You must be born again" John 3:3-7  We were warned Acts 2:37-38

Don't leave this earth without knowing 
JESUS as your personal SAVIOR